Friday, April 29, 2011

My BRMC YouTube Challenge 29.04.11

" Rise or Fall " Brick By Brick, San Diego, 10.07.05

" Personal Look At BRMC " ( documentary )

" Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll " Forum Kentish Town London 

" Live In London " Mock Viral Advert


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"got Facebooked"

i've decided ( time will show was it right or bad choice ) to put my blog on Facebook....

so i invite all the Facebook-BRMC fans to support it and check for more info !


Facebook info...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page) 
added 66 new photos to the album  
1,000th Show - Brixton Academy - Official Photos.

A behind the scenes look at BRMC's 1000th gig that took place at London's Brixton Academy. The photos capture the show build, soundcheck, candid backstage moments and the gig itself.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Belfast Telegraph In Pictures

14.12.10. Picture by David Fitzgerald.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performing a live acoustic set in Head Records, Victoria Square, Belfast


My BRMC YouTube Challenge "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" ( 2010 )

 in the end...the last album and guys&girl heading in a different direction...

"Beat The Devil's Tattoo"


My BRMC YouTube Challenge "Baby 81" ( 2007 )

another great album after surprising "Howl" i could say: condensation of first two LP's with bigger and different kick !


"Weapon Of Choice"
( as the video is blocked be YT...i had to share it other way..sorry )


My BRMC YouTube Challenge "Howl" ( 2005 )

bluesy, country 360 degree turn...little forgotten

"Ain't No Easy Way"

"Weight Of The World"


My BRMC YouTube Challenge "Take Them On, On Your Own" ( 2003 )

now...time for second LP...darkness and more rock !


"We're All In Love"

"In Like The Rose"


Monday, April 25, 2011

My BRMC YouTube Challenge "B.R.M.C." ( 2001 )

not exacly what i've promissed post before...but just came up with the idea of going through the years before the whole "YouTube LIVE" thing...

so to start "B.R.M.C." - great debiut with it's official videos:

"Love Burns"

"Love Burns" ( alternative version )

"Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)"
( one of the best songs & video off all times !!! )

"Spread Your Love"


Sunday, April 24, 2011

My BRMC YouTube Challenge :]

i've just came up with the idea of sharing with You EVERY band video that's being uploaded to YouTube !!!

wellll, will i manage - will see...i can't promise regular posts about it, with every little piece of BRMC great stuff ( there's ONLY 7,460 search results ) so give me some time...i will start posting it in parts depend of daily number of uploads

You will be able to recognize "Challenge" posts as they will be titled:

" BRMC YouTube Challenge "

To start thing up...something little bit related, good find i think:

( that's the only one full show BRMC upload - just the quality, ehh ! )


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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page) 
Have you checked out our current iTunes sessions release/ Only $6 and has exclusive live studio versions of "Tattoo," "Mama," "Sympathetic Noose" and more!

Preview and download songs from iTunes Session by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on iTunes. Buy iTunes Session for just $5.99.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

some people doesn't understand music...

-- click the image for full size --


shame on you


Friday, April 22, 2011

Live @ Last Call with Carson Daly 02.03.11

in case somebody missed it

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Last Call with Carson Daly
March 2, 2011

01. Conscience Killer
02. Half-State (incomplete - only 3 minutes or so from the middle of the song is all that was aired)

This is sourced from a digital broadcast but they add some effects to give it an analog look. In case you were wondering.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Facebook info...

Our episode of Last Call with Carson Daly is re-running tonight. Tune in tonight to catch "Conscience Killer" and a portion of "Half-State" - 130am on NBC!


Facebook info...

Our condolences to TV on the Radio and their camp and families for the loss of their bassist Gerard Smith. Sad news.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

David Baird great pictures...

Robert Levon Been bassist from American indie rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) play Rock City, Nottingham on 3.12.2010 (Photo by David Baird)

Peter Hayes guitarist from American indie rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) play Rock City, Nottingham on 3.12.2010 (Photo by David Baird) 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stolen Guitars Recovered!...and other news...

Back in January of 2010 we reported that there was a break in at one of BRMC's storage lockers and all of Michel Been's vintage guitars and keep-sakes were stolen. We are thrilled to report that over a year later, almost all the stolen items have been recovered!
A fan of BRMC and The Call noticed one of the guitars for sale on eBay that turned out to be Michael's signature Ampeg Fretless Bass and through that information and with the aid of the LAPD and some other helpful sources, all the stolen instruments have been returned and the prime suspect apprehended.
The band would like to thank everyone out there that helped scour the internet and spread the word of this theft and are so appreciative that these items have made it home.
If it hadn't been for all of you, these instruments would've probably been lost forever.

The order page for "Live In London" is back up on BRMC's Official Web-Site.
All physical copies of the DVD are out of stock sold out, but the film itself is now available as a digital download. If you have already ordered one of the packages that contains the physical you will still be receiving your DVD and all past-due orders should be shipped out by the end of this week.
The "Deluxe Package" now includes the exclusive t-shirt, the limited edition color 3-Disc Vinyl set, the digital download of the "Live In London" film and audio in place of the physical DVD.
The video is available as a stand-alone download as well and also comes with the audio file.

We have added a new blog section to the Official Web-Site that is updated and maintained by long time cohort and BRMC supporter iAN Ottaway. If you haven't stopped by the section, take a gander and send him some questions or just be a student. Many of you may recognize him from the countless shows he has made his presence known and felt at.
Please note that subject matter on this page is not suitable for children, nor is it recommended for some adults. While visiting 'Ask iAN,' we ask participants to please refrain from using discretion, as it will only make matters worse - especially after 1am.

Now that the new BRMC Web-Store is up and running our friends at BandMerch have help us go through all the old orders that were taken but never shipped due to the unexpected shut-down of the store at the end of last year.
There are a handful of orders that never made it out to people and we hope to have all those orders processed and shipped out by April 22nd.
BRMC is sorry that this happened and wants to assure everyone that BandMerch is shipping all new orders quickly.
There will be some new bundles and items coming over the next few weeks too and throughout the summer so keep checking in with the store.


Friday, April 8, 2011


just found it...old times...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook info...

Hey Everyone. We're working on updating stock of the exclusive shirt for Live In London package and hope to have the sales page back up by middle of next week. Also, make sure you stop by the official site and check out the online "spiritual tech support" in the Ask iAN section.