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nottinghamlive Peter interview...

San Francisco rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of the best have been thrilling crowds across the globe for over a decade and on 3rd December the group will hit Nottingham as part of Rock City’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations. Nottingham LIVE spoke to the bands lead singer Peter Hayes.

LIVE: Hello Peter how’s it going?
Its all good thanks

LIVE: Could you tell our readers a bit about who is in the band?
My name is Peter, I play, guitar, bass, synthesize, and I sing, Leah (Shapiro)  plays the drums  & Rob (Levon Breen) plays  bass, guitar, piano and does vocals.

LIVE: Can you give us a bit of background on the band?
Me & Rob started playing in high school & kept playing San Fran, we met Nick (Jago) in San Fran in, Nick left in 2005, then came back but left again in 2007. Leah then joined the band and has been with us for 3 year.

LIVE: What can your fans expect from the tour?
Erm god, expect not to see Rammstein style gig or anything like that they are here to see us, and that’s what they are gonna get.

LIVE: Will you get any time to take in the sights of Nottingham while your here?
Not sure if we have got a day off, not sure if we cancelled Rock City, I think it’s a make up gig. We have been to Nottingham a few times and had a look around so I guess we will get to wonder around a bit again.

LIVE: Can you tell us something about your latest album “Beat of the Devils tattoo”?

We don’t sit down & listen like a bunch of other bands, that comes later when it comes to mixing. As far as writing it took 4-6 months to write & rehearse, then 4 days to cut & edit the tracks and then another 4 months to cut the music & vocals

LIVE: How would you describe the relationship between you guys?
Erm family, when we started up we were all like friends & family

LIVE: Where is the most memorable place you guys performed?
Erm, Slovania, well we were supposed to be doing a gig with Lenny Kravitz but he cancelled so we got the promoter  to sort a venue out for us, we had the people turn up, they were coming from a different angle with the questions which was refreshing from them because they weren’t used to western music

LIVE: What’s your most memorable moment as a band so far?
Its all memorable!

LIVE: So whats next for the Black Rebel Motorcycle club?
Well we are gonna be done touring Dec 18th then we’re gonna go back home to the States, rehearse & write another album, and spend some time with family.

Interview by Geri Richardson

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play Rock City on December 3rd for tickets visit


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paste magazine session...

The members of the gritty California band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Peter Hayes, Robert Levon Been and Leah Shapiro stopped by the Paste studio last month to play some tracks off their sixth full-length album, Beat the Devil's Tattoo.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2008 Savoy concert memories...

While waiting for BRMC december gig at The Academy ( Dublin ) i was thinking to bring back the good old cold days and then - 8th of May, they "hit the town" of Cork which i'm a resident for good 5 years already ( can't believe it myself...)

i was really surprise that the band will visit, let's say that-quite small town on their road map as Cork...but i was SO happy when i've heard that they gonna play here.

so let's bring the momories to life...

i have never been at Savoy, maybe because it was mainly friday-saturday night fever place for "dance music" people or occasionally venue for old tramps playing in Cork.

when i entered, i was happly surprise to see quite a small, dark venue-ideal for Rebels to play !
inside is not like Ambassador Theatre style but it still was a good spot. 

the support band ilya k was a quite heavy dublin band, bit chaotic with vocalist full of expression...
they finished quickly, packed the gear and let as see Nick's drum set 

place getting dark and this familiar, psychedelic sound is getting out...and THEY START with "666 conducer"

i was trying to get closer to the stage, pushing and pulling with one of the lads and after good 4 songs i was close to the stage with a smile on my face...

i went for a beer and took left flank this time to focus on Robert from now on...and i was able to do that with no problems as generous couple let me go right under the stage.

Robert with his characteristic "hood on" went off stage to the fans hugging few girls, they probably was so excited that one of them didn't even mind getting "gently" punched by Robert's guitar...

I was trying to shot Nick behind the drum set and finally i got lucky...

they have played over 2 hours, with great songs...personally it wasn't as good as my first BRMC gig at Ambassador Theatre in 2007 but You probably understand that as it was my first time seeing guys live on stage...


BRMC on Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

by John D. Luerssen

Indie rock giants Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and the National are among the artists that have contributed music to an upcoming charity compilation that will assist in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill recovery effort. Titled ‘Gasoline Rainbows’ and due exclusively via iTunes on Nov. 30, the 14-track digital album will aid Global Green USA and also counts tracks donated by LCD Soundsystem, Silversun Pickups, the Black Keys, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Passion Pit and Surfer Blood.

The project was the idea of ‘One Tree Hill‘ stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols, who first visited Louisiana earlier this year to see the devastation that the oil spill caused. Named for a song penned by singer-songrwiter Amy Kuney specifically for the disc, ‘Gasoline Rainbows’ also boasts new songs from Damien Rice and City and Colour.

All of the artist and label proceeds from ‘Gasoline Rainbows’ will be used for Global Green’s oil spill response to directly assist the communities, people and ecosystems impacted by the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Funds from the album will also be earmarked to educate the public, push for more regulation to prevent future environmental tragedies and advocate for a greener, cleaner economy.

The tracklist for the album is below:

1. ‘Gasoline Rainbows’ — Amy Kuney
2. ‘Armistice’ — Phoenix
3. ’40 Day Dream’ — Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
4. ‘There’s No Secret’s This Year’ — Silversun Pickups
5. ‘At the Birds Foot’ — City and Colour
6. ‘The Connoisseur of Great Excuse’ — Damien Rice
7. ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ — The National
8. ‘Tighten Up’ — The Black Keys
9. ‘Let the Time Roll By’ — Onward, Soldiers
10. ‘Moth’s Wings’ — Passion Pit
11. ‘Floating Vibes’ — Surfer Blood
12. ‘Mama Taught Me Better’ — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
13. ‘I Can Change’ — LCD Soundsystem
14. ‘Cousins’ — Vampire Weekend

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Posted 2010-11-16 17:04:37 by Ryan Michael Painter

Yes, I happen to like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s music but that’s not what this is about. A few years back my life was stagnant, which is worse than a disaster. I had been working music retail for nearly a decade and the luster had long since worn away. In the late ’90s it had been a fun adventure where I made a lot of friends in the music industry. I was able to help small bands get national distribution and played a role in breaking a few others. I loved my job. By 2005 most of the friends I had made lost their jobs and bands either split up or were forced into utter obscurity, as illegal downloading became the norm and record sales flat lined. Whatever passion I might have once had for the industry was lost and work eventually stopped being fun and became just a means to keep my head above water.

Over the years I had the pleasure of seeing BRMC a handful of times and met them following a private show during the Sundance Film Festival and more or less became friends with the band and their crew. Still it was a surprise when I received a phone call from their tour manager asking if I’d be interested in going out on the road with them and helping out by selling merch. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I instantly agreed. It took a couple months for all the details to get sorted but in the fall of 2007 I found myself living on a tour bus and traveling all over Europe meeting.

Following a couple months on the road the band took a couple months off and that afforded me the time and just enough money to spend a month locked away in Croydon, a London suburb, working on my book. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds but it was a dream of mine to be able to simply be a fulltime writer working on a personal project rather than an assignment. I soon found myself back on the road with the band for a few months in 2008 before returning home and landing my current job as a film critic. Without the kindness of the band I could very well still be working retail. With the holidays approaching not working Black Friday is definitely something to be thankful for.


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BRMC@BunchTV Noise




...another 2GB of live recordings !!!

Thanks to Diego we can listen more of BRMC live recordings between 2001-2008.
There's some great shows check it out !

Thanks to Diego once again and have fun with it...i hope there's more unrevealed out there ;-)


Friday, November 5, 2010

'LIVE IN LONDON' packages available!


DVD Package

DVD Package

  • 115 Minute DVD Video of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's sold out London Forum show recorded on April 23rd, 2010
  • Full HD 8 camera shoot with multitracked audio
  • "Live in London" was mixed by long time collaborator/co-producer Michael Been, the final project he worked on with the band.
  • Exclusive BRMC "Rattlesnake" T-shirt
  • Immediate 21 track digital audio download of Premium DRM-free 320kbps MP3 or Apple Lossless

DVD Package: $31.99 + S&H

Standard DVD

Standard DVD
  • 115 Minute DVD Video of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's sold out London Forum show recorded on April 23rd, 2010. Full HD 8 camera shoot with multitracked audio
  • Immediate download of premium DRM-free 320kbps MP3 or Apple Lossless

DVD: $11.99 + S&H

Digital Download

  • 21 tracks for immediate download
  • Multitracked audio recorded from BRMC's sold out London Forum show on April 23rd, 2010
  • Premium DRM-free 320kbps MP3 or Apple Lossless


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Peter's Blog 31st October 2010

Your Name Was Here
And it left us with what little you see
The light comes in clearly
And shames us
This was meant to fill our hearts
And now what use can they be for any
This tragic place is us without you
Will you ever know?
That which once you filled is now so bravely bare
Waiting for existence to forget

-Peter Hayes


Robert's Blog 6th July 2010

Sex, Drugs and Blah Blah Blah

 We tore off down the highway into the desert in search of a new studio, somewhere to do some recordings, something different, or unusually normal is another way to put it. Instead we found a bunch of magical mushrooms and couldn’t remember why the hell we came out to the desert in the first place?
That’s the funny thing about the desert, if you don’t know where you’re headed you might find yourself in a ditch with all the answers, except for how you’re going to get out of that ditch.
We’re leaving home for New Zealand soon, everyone is ready to play rock’n'roll again. . . . Departing reality shortly.

Robert Levon Been – july 6th 2010


Robert Tried in Munich Court

On May 5, 2010, while performing at ‘Backstage’ in Munich, Germany, Robert had his back turned when he tossed a small plastic bottle of water into the crowd, which allegedly accidentally hit a man in the eye resulting in serious damage to his eye sight. Robert was taken to prison in Munich that evening and released on bail the following day.

Robert appeared in court in Munich yesterday, where both sides testified. Due to the severe damage of the man’s sight in his right eye, the judge ruled that Robert personally be required to pay 18,500 euros to the victim for pain and suffering, along with a 3 month suspended sentence. Robert stated that he feels terrible that his action could have caused this injury and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured party.


New Home Page and more...


The Main Page of BRMC's Official Website has undergone a drastic change and is now the main hub for information. From the main page of the site you can now veiw the latest news, the current and upcoming tour dates, the most recent forum comments, as well as up to date live photos and videos.

There are also some exciting new additions to the site. A Fan Page has been integrated that allows the community to upload their own photos, paintings, poetry, art and graffiti tags and there is now a Band Blog that will be updated by Peter, Robert and Leah.

There will be more additions to the page over the coming weeks.


Robert will be doing a special DJ set at the opening of Sala Wind in Madrid. Robert will be spinning from 2-5am on 6th November.


The band will be wrapping up the year with a slew of tour dates in Europe and the UK Starting November 8th.

Mon 8-Nov-2010: Lisbon, PT / Aula Magna
Tues 9-Nov-2010: Porto, PT / Hard Club
Wed 10-Nov-2010: Madrid, SP / La Riviera
Thurs 11-Nov-2010: Barcelona, SP / Apolo
Sat 13-Nov-2010: Lausanne, SZ / Metropop Festival
Sun 14-Nov-2010: Zurich, SZ / Volkshaus
Tues 16-Nov-2010: Nijmegen, NL / Doorn Roosje - SOLD OUT
Thurs 18-Nov-2010: Hasselt, BE / MOD
Fri 19-Nov-2010: Groningen, NL / Vera
Sat 20-Nov-2010: Copenhagen, DE / Grey Hall - SOLD OUT
Mon 22-Nov-2010: Frankfurt, DE / Batschkapp
Tues 23-Nov-2010: Frankfurt, DE / Batschkapp
Wed 24-Nov-2010: Stuttgart / Longhorn
Fri 26-Nov-2010: Hohenems, AU / Event Center
Sat 27-Nov-2010: Treviso, IT / New Age
Sun 28-Nov-2010: Florence, IT / Viper
Mon 29-Nov-2010: Turin, IT / Hiroshima
Wed 1-Dec-2010: Paris, FR / Elysee Montmarte - SOLD OUT
Thurs 2-Dec-2010: Portsmouth, UK / Pyramids
Fri 3-Dec-2010: Nottingham, UK / Rock City
Sun 5-Dec-2010: Manchester, UK / Academy
Mon 6-Dec-2010: Glasgow, UK / Academy
Tues 7-Dec-2010: Birmingham, UK / Academy
Thurs 9-Dec-2010: Norwich, UK / UEA
Fri 10-Dec-2010: Bristol, UK / Academy
Sat 11-Dec-2010: London, UK / Brixton Academy
Mon 13-Dec-2010: Dublin, IE / Academy - SOLD OUT
Tues 14-Dec-2010: Belfast, IE / Mandela Hall
Fri 17-Dec-2010: St. Petersburg, RU / Glav Club
Sat 18-Dec-2010: Moscow, RU / Milk


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Live At The Carling Awards Show 2002

just bringing the past for a while...

PART 1 - Red Eyes and Tears / Love Burns / Rifles

PART 2 - White Palms / Fail Safe / Stop

PART 3 - Spread Your Love / Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll