Saturday, December 16, 2017

2017-10-23 The Academy Dublin

Our second visit to that very climatic venue that suits BRMC perfectly...dark, black, small...could even dare to say...intimate, perfectly reflecting the band vibe.

And to start, what a support !

The crazy US duo Restavrant came with the bang !

Energetic, with hand made parts of drum set they really got the crowd moving with their Texas style mix of country music and rock also throwing a bit of Primus style to it.

Exceeded my expectation and made a way for the rest of the night...

As our Rebels crew were setting the stage, i was wondering which way the new songs gonna go from upcoming "Wrong Creatures" LP and we had a good taste of what we can expect with January release.

Need to go through the album few times probably to make a final judgement but could say that there is a mix in there.

My long history with BRMC music got me to the point where i would like to hear and see few brave punches and twists over there to bring something fresh to the band portfolio.

At certain point there came the time for some good old songs that we all love to bring the memories and feelings back. We also need to mention the solo performance to bring the venue to a different level.

Waiting patiently for January 12th 2018 for the next chapter....


  1. Echo
  2. Berlin
  3. Haunt
  4. Stop
  5. (Robert Levon Been solo; acoustic
  6. (Peter Hayes solo; acoustic
  1. Ninth Configuration