Friday, August 31, 2012

"Conscience Killer" and Miller Lite

As you may already know, we as BRMC feel very strongly about trying to reflect the values we hold as individuals and as a group in our work. One of our priorities has always been balancing any commercial success we achieve with a commitment to contributing to the well-being of not just ourselves.
We’re excited to tell you about a major step we accomplished toward that goal.
Earlier this year we were approached by Miller/Coors about the use of the song "Conscience Killer" in a TV commercial for Miller Lite.

We initially said no to this, but then looked back at it as an opportunity to raise money for a cause we believe in. For example, The Not for Sale Campaign is an organization that we have supported for many years, as it aids in the fight against human trafficking.

In an unprecedented move, Miller/Coors has agreed to make a large financial contribution to The Not For Sale campaign for the use of the song. Along with them, our label partner Vagrant Records will be making a contribution, and we will also be donating the money we make from the ad to this organization we so strongly believe in. The commercial just started running and we have already received confirmation that the donation has been sent to The Not For Sale Campaign.

We wanted to share this with you because our involvement in commercials has always been a conflicting issue for us. Now we feel we’ve figured out a way to turn them into opportunities we can be proud of, and hope you feel the same.

While we will not be able to do this every time something like this presents itself in the future, just know that if there is a next time, we would love to do this with you as a community.

During the next few weeks, we’d like to hear from you about your favorite charities or community organizations, local or otherwise. Please send us any information you think would be helpful in allowing us to check them out and learn about what they do, but we cannot consider individual or personal causes unless they are part of a community issue. Our goal is to set up an online vote to where the commercial money would go next.

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Robert, Peter and Leah


Monday, August 6, 2012

“Radio” by Dark Horses feat. Robert Been

While on tour with BRMC a few years ago, Dark Horses penned a song called “Radio” with Robert, which also features him on vocals.

You can listen to the track now HERE

When exactly did drone enter rock music?
Was it the Beatles, and their flirtation with Eastern mysticism? Was it the Velvet Underground and their Noo Yoik street suss converted into one chord thrash? Or was it when the Spacemen 3 strummed their way through the walls of the human consciousness?

Whatever. Dark Horses have firmly seized the drone concept, with their psychedelic palpitations already crafting some fairly strong reverberations. Based in Brighton with a Swedish singer (naturally, in this day and age) the band are signed to rather hip Canadian imprint Last Gang Records, who house their new single ‘Radio’.

All warm, flowing guitar buzz and sighing vocals, ‘Radio’ is a chant, a hymn. Droning on (is that a concept? It is now) for over five minutes, the sludgy atmosphere cocoons you in a dark, celestial funk.

Out now, ‘Radio’ is gaining fans with everyone who likes their guitar music minimal and dangerous. ClashMusic have obtained the Offshore version, with Robert Levan Been on hand to add some guest vocals.