Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Beat The Devil's Tattoo" track listing

 1. Beat The Devil's Tattoo
2. Conscience Killer
3. Bad Blood
4. War Machine
5. Sweet Feeling
6. Evol
7. Mama Taught Me Better
8. River Styx
9. The Toll
10. Aya
11. Shadow's Keeper
12. Long Way
13. Half-State
14.1:51 (limited edition)
15.Martyr (limited edition)

Here is the official track listing for "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" set for release on March 8th (UK/Europe, Australia, Japan), March 9th (North America) and March 16th (Germany).


Thanks to BBC Radio 1 Nick's Grimshaw Show which have presented the new single "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" on 20th January 2010 show.
The track can be listen until 28th January at the aprox. 25min. of the podcast - link to that posted above at the track listing.

The second presented track "Bad Blood" from the forthcoming album can be listen thanks to national french radio at the aprox. 04:30min. of the show which was on air on 19th January 2010.
Link to the downloadable podcast posted above at the track.

I just want to state that three other songs "Evol", "River Styx" and "The Toll" was presented before by the it's pretty cool and we can just wait for the album release or official singles to hear the rest of that fabulous music...

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