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All Gone Pop Peter interview

Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club takes a few minutes out in Charlotte, North Carolina to chat to All Gone Pop about the current US tour, being the Christmas grinch and the balance between artistic value and the need to put food on the table. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play Mandela Hall, Belfast on the 14th of December.

AGP: You guys are on tour in the US at the moment with Stone Temple Pilots. How as this tour been so far? Peter: So far so good, you know doing what we do and yeah the opening act thing - playing about half an hour to forty-five minutes. Hopefully we can steal some fans.

AGP: How does touring in the States compare to the UK , are the fans as receptive to your music in the UK? 
Peter: Yeah you know, fans are fans you know what I mean. When people like it they like it, and when they don't they don't - its pretty simple. I don't judge to much on who is better or not, it doesn't really come into play. Depends on if its a week night sometimes people are more willing to have a drink, sometimes not.

AGP: The band have writing and releasing albums now for over a decade. Did you find it difficult on the latest album to come up with new ideas or inspirations? Where do you look to for new inspirations when writing?
Peter: It is still kinda coming from the same place - you're left with what you're left with. That may sound kinda silly, but you cant force...well as far as I'm concerned you cant really force music to happen, or else it sounds kinda forced (laughs). You know we have been lucky enough to have songs keep showing up for us so far, that's kind of it you know. You gotta live life a little bit to be able to write obviously, and so far we have been able to live life.

AGP: Despite having been around for that amount of time, there will always be people not so familiar with your work - so for them - how would you describe your latest release 'beat the devils tattoo'? And how would that compare to previous endeavours?
Peter: How would I describe this album...I really don't is kinda an overall thing for me, its like psychedelic rock 'n' roll. That's kinda the blanket for me for all the albums if I was gonna describe it. I think it gets the point across. If you don't like psychedelic then maybe you wont like it, and if you don't like rock 'n' roll, maybe you wont like it, you know. And if you like one of those two then maybe theres just something there for you!

AGP: Your show in Belfast on December 14th is currently the last this side of Christmas, how do BRMC normally spend the Christmas period?
Peter: Nothing to fancy, try to find family you know catch up with them, if i have a moment.Usually try to come up with a Christmas song for folk on the website, you know something they may never have heard before, just as a free Christmas download.Nothing to fancy though. It's kinda hard to dodge it (laughs) that's always the frustrating part. You know what I mean? You kinda every year sit there and go 'well i skipped it this year' and then there is always something that always somehow comes up where you cant skip it. I dunno why that is you know - you gotta try really hard to! Then people try to make you feel bad like 'aw don't be such a Grinch'. I think they came up with the Grinch, that way they could guilt trip you into joining the Christmas festivities (laughs) its all a big guilt trip you know!

AGP: So what does the New Year hold? Back rejuvenated for more touring or back to the studio?
Peter: Well hopefully were gonna have a gig in Hawaii on New Years, that would be lovely. Then take a little moment to sit there for a second. But I think there is South America maybe in the new years, starting end of January beginning of February, maybe as far as Argentina, Brazil, maybe, I dunno Columbia...there is a couple of things kinda floating around. Other than that we are gonna be trying to find time to just start recording, just writing, that's about it you know. We got a couple things all ready, but we need a place to sit and do it.

AGP: BRMC had the song 'Done All Wrong' featured on the New Moon (Twilight Saga) soundtrack. Has that opened up the band to a whole new and perhaps previously untapped group of fans?
Peter: Ah no...not that I have noticed, we're not getting calls to do all ages shows if that's what you mean - you know and I would expect that's kinda what would be the outcome if it went that way, but were not really getting that. Which is neither here nor there, I mean its kinda a shame for one, sure I would love to have that...the door is open to everybody and anybody - it's not always like that. But it didn't change things really.

AGP: A lot of people who start out in bands have the impression that it will bring them fame, fortune and a lavish lifestyle, however I have read in a few articles where you have been openly honest about the financial strains and struggles of being a band on the road. With that in mind, would you have any advice for a young band starting out?
Peter: My viewpoint is a little maybe different from most folks, and my viewpoint is mine, it doesn't have to be anybody elses you know. I don't judge any other band for doing what they gotta do to make ends meet you know. We just kinda have our own way of doing it and the way we want to do it, so it doesn't necessarily have to be hard. You can open yourselves up to a lot of things you know, to make money. So that's really up to each person on their own - theres ways to make a tonne of money...I think...I don't know, but at the same time that has to be your concern I guess.

AGP: But money isn't your goal?
Peter: Well staying alive is a goal, I think that is everybodys goal. You know, to try to have some food on the table....beyond that it all depends on how willing you are. If you have ideals, how willing are you to get rid of them, or are you willing to hang on to them for certain things. That's kinda what it comes down to. How much are you willing to change your music for some guy that's offering you a big cheque?

AGP: And finally, the Northern Irish music scene has had a pretty good few years with some of our local bands representing the area on an international scale. Having originated from the Bay Area in San Francisco, probably one of the most renowned hubs for bands - what do you think it takes for a strong local music scene to develop?
Peter: I think it takes musicians supporting each other. That's kinda it and being willing to, that's basically it. Even if your not in the same town, if you seem to have a like-minded band out there, then support them. That's kinda what needs to happen.

AGP: Thanks for taking time out of your tour and take care of yourself!
Peter: Thanks - we are trying!

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