Sunday, January 8, 2012

Message from Robert...

I want everyone to begin this year with something worth their love, for something worth their hope, a feeling that will penetrate the dark empty voices that always seem to drown out the little chance we have of getting it right, of being heard, and moving forward.

There are parts of us, inside of us, that are not our own.
And this time we have, which is so precious to us, is not all our own either. It is not our time to abuse, lose or forget.
We pull ourselves apart so often trying to revive and remember what we already deeply know.
As steady as the air we breathe, as sure as the sun and stars from which we swing.

This world is on the edge taut with expectation, hovering just out of sight, beyond our imagining beyond our dreaming beyond our hoping, something we found in the last chill of night.

Take care of yourselves and take care of eachother, let this new year come to light…