Monday, August 6, 2012

“Radio” by Dark Horses feat. Robert Been

While on tour with BRMC a few years ago, Dark Horses penned a song called “Radio” with Robert, which also features him on vocals.

You can listen to the track now HERE

When exactly did drone enter rock music?
Was it the Beatles, and their flirtation with Eastern mysticism? Was it the Velvet Underground and their Noo Yoik street suss converted into one chord thrash? Or was it when the Spacemen 3 strummed their way through the walls of the human consciousness?

Whatever. Dark Horses have firmly seized the drone concept, with their psychedelic palpitations already crafting some fairly strong reverberations. Based in Brighton with a Swedish singer (naturally, in this day and age) the band are signed to rather hip Canadian imprint Last Gang Records, who house their new single ‘Radio’.

All warm, flowing guitar buzz and sighing vocals, ‘Radio’ is a chant, a hymn. Droning on (is that a concept? It is now) for over five minutes, the sludgy atmosphere cocoons you in a dark, celestial funk.

Out now, ‘Radio’ is gaining fans with everyone who likes their guitar music minimal and dangerous. ClashMusic have obtained the Offshore version, with Robert Levan Been on hand to add some guest vocals.