Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Downloads" section transfer coming soon !

ehhh...didn't really wanted to do that but looks like i've been almost forced to...because of really stupid new policy introduced by currently used hoster Rapidshare...i was satisfied and very happy with their service but when the whole ACTA and piracy issue emerged if i've still used their service You and i wouldn't be able to use main service that the hoster provided which is simply DOWNLOADING FILES !

so bye, bye Rapidshare

and warm welcome to :

I have used Zippyshare for a while and have to say that they provide quite decent download and upload speeds and most of all it's:

100% Free
No Download Limits
Up to 200MB per File
Unlimited Disk Space
No Sign Up Required

I've chosen them considering the above features which will make our life and download easier and free but maybe not all of us will be satisfied as the zippy hoster will not provide as good ( ! FREE ! ) service as other famous payed hosters.  
My current subscription period for Rapidshare expires on 2013-01-22 so i will download the whole section and re-upload it to Zippyshare in a few days.It will take a while as the section went up to more than 20 GB ! and i have a full DVD concert still to be organized and uploaded as a small gift and Thank You for the approaching 100 000 visitor count ;-)

So stay tuned and i will let You know by posting here and the Facebook Page when the whole transition will be complited !