Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013-11-03 The Academy Dublin

bit late for the March gig review but better this than nothing :)

well...not the best start for the gig that you're waiting for and my friend Argentinian friend - Sergio were late for the show for around 1 min of the opener - "Let The Day Begin"
we met our friens in the great dublin pub just next door to the venue.....and we still couldn't manage to be on time...

that sad incident made the overall impression of the whole show...the opening of the gig, specially BRMC GIG and getting late to that...i personally think that the feeling before the show starts and the tension makes the live concerts so great...

so here we are trying to get through the crowd on first minutes of the gig and i have to say that the room was full !

the new song sounded great the only thing is that as they being played before the official album looked like most of the crowd were just focused on consuming them for the first time and trying to chew through it  with the little reaction to it.... wasn't my best BRMC gig...first of all - i was fu &%$# late and the band itself seemed a bit tired or less enjoying the gig as they were before

overall i was really happy to be able to see them again in that great Dublin venue