Saturday, March 6, 2010

official website is back !


The Time Of Darkness is coming :)
New official website is back again and running with the new redesign look...

(...) Welcome to the new official BRMC Website. We’re sorry for the delay in the launch, we had some technical issues with the site last week. Long time friend David McCrindle will no longer be handing the official BRMC website. The new site, designed by The Uprising Creative, will be managed and run by Michele Lydon who has operated Rebels With A Cause [dot] com for the past 9  years. There will be more changes and updates coming to the site soon, but for now we hope you enjoy the new Black Rebel Official site! (...)

still few bits-n-pieces to be done before we can fully enjoy new site...

(...) Just a quick note to let everyone know of a few issues we’ve had in relation to the site transition.
As you probably noticed, all avatars were lost in the move. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it was an unfortunate necessary evil that came along with the new design.  You can easily upload your avatar again through the ‘Members’ section in the same way you did on the old site.
Also, there are still some bugs we’re working hard to fix over the next few days. We’re trying our best to get to everything as quickly as we’re alerted to it, but because of the heavy traffic we’re experiencing, it might not be as fast as we’d like.
We appreciate your continued patience.
Thank you,
BRMC (...)