Monday, April 19, 2010

15/04/10 London@Electric Ballroom


Okay so, I luckily managed to get a ticket for the B.R.M.C gig at the Electric Ballroom for last night. It was nice because I was going with my old workies who I haden't seen for fucking ages from HMV. I went straight from work to meet them at Camden, we hung out for a bit before doors were meant to open at 7.30!

Doors didn't open at 7.30, in fact quarter to 9 we were still stood outside in the freezing cold.... This was okay though, as the band knew we'd all be a little bit grumpy and we'd been waiting for hours, so Robert Levon came out to play us some songs, to apologise for the long wait!
He just strolled around playing acoustic guitar, looking hot and singing effortlessly :)
Straight away, this was going to be a great gig!

The actual gig was EPIC beyond EPIC, they were loud, rough, deep and were every inch the rock n roll they claim to be (or have the label of anyway) The highlight for me was ''Weapon Of Choice'' they couldn't have performed it better and the crowd just went....APESHIT for it. They were a good crowd to be in because they were all just happy and moving, I hate being in crowds that don't move, presumably they were like that because they were all OFF THEIR TITS and wanted to ''fuck shit up''but in a good and pretty fucking amusing way!!

Everything was spot on, the sound, the vocals, the lights, the set up, even what they were wearing, how they spoke to the crowd and the little faces they'd pull when they really got into playing. I also loved how Peter Hayes didn't have a hair out of place at the start and by the end it was all over the place. HARDCORE :)

They performed ''spread your love, weapon of choice, howl, love burns, red eyes and tears'' and many more, obviously, but... Those were a few of my personal highlights :)

All in all, they may have been the only ''big'' live band I've seen so far this year but, whoever else I see has a lot of living up to do.... I am contradicting myself massively because I have posted a blog about Tunng and how good they were but....BACK OFF, its a completly different kettle of fish okay???

......And Black Rebel pissed on them anyway :)