Sunday, April 4, 2010 BTDT review...

by Lindsey Fortier  |   March 19, 2010 4:27 EDT 

Rock trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's newest album, "Beat the Devil's Tattoo," draws from the better and better-left-alone components of the group's previous efforts. The result is a collection rich in fan favorites, but lacking in momentum. The band is at its best on tracks like "Conscience Killer" and "War Machine," which are born out of the same distorted, Jesus and Mary Chain-inspired garage rock of the group's 2001 debut, "B.R.M.C." Other songs on the new set--"Sweet Feeling" and "The Toll"--recall the mellower sounds and Americana influence found on 2005's "Howl," but they're less engaging than their predecessors. Overall, "Beat the Devil's Tattoo" is in the same vein--a substantial effort, but one that could benefit from a step outside the box.--Lindsey Fortier