Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5GB of BRMC bootlegs !!!

YES YES YES .... !!!


Finally, while having little more time i was able to put it all together what i have found browsing our vast Net space...upload and share with You

5.42 GB of Rebels live performances throughout 2001 - 2008...

sadly, non of the recordings was recorded by me...i just dig them out searching and searching.....

and at this point i have to say HUGE THANKS to lazyfukc - as big part of the recordings i have found on his website - all the people from official forum and and last but not least, mysterious BRMC fan i presume - kristo-caro .

now...what is really important...

all bootlegs posted below are approved by the band and management !!!

as i was told Rob, in particular, likes to collect recordings from the shows, and has an archive of sorts :)

so without further ado...


  1. You're the most kind!

    Thank you very much

  2. thanks very much!you are so lovely.ugg boots kaufen/ugg/cardy boots

  3. Beautiful. Congrats to everyone.
    I suggest grading the quality of these boots. A, A-, B etc, as well as AUD and SBD.

  4. thank you very much for sharing with that collection...just to let You know that any live recordings between 2009-10 are not perimitted to be published

  5. I know you cannot post 2009-2010 recordings, but if you check all the posts in that link you'll find previous gigs that are not in your list.

    Regards :)

  6. fucking great !!!! thank you !! (and big thnak you for your last show in paris !)

  7. I've been looking for some BRMC recordings for ages, so glad I came across this blog, thanks so much for uploading. amazed so many recordings exist.

    any idea what happened to the original brmc-forum? i was on that many, many, many moons ago

  8. @Justin White
    Thanks Justin for the kind words, as far as i remember theree were talks about bringing it back but i guess they are focued on the new web layout :)