Sunday, September 12, 2010

BRMC in NYC @ Don Hill's

By: Willow Lindley

It seemed like last night was all about the re-openings. As the Chanel party dispersed in SoHo last night, two distinct fashion crowds went their separate ways. The cockail-dress set headed uptown to party the night away at (the spot formerly know as) the Boom Boom Room, but our favorite grungsters headed downtown to Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny's newest outfit, the new and improved Don Hill's. Collaborating with DeLeón Tequila, the former Beatrice boys welcomed the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club into their new bar/concert space that had us thinking we'd stepped back into the early '90s. As we plunged our way into the crowded, dark, smoky, and graffiti filled space (all those adjectives needed to be used), we saw familiar faces from the Beatrice Inn days—Chloë Sevigny, Josh Hartnett, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, and Erin Wasson all got into the groove of the super rare performance by BRMC. The place was packed, the drinks were muy strong, the music deafining (in a good way), everyone was just letting loose—not a bad way to start off Fashion Week—though our hangover might just disagree. Hey, at least tequila is an upper!