Thursday, November 25, 2010

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San Francisco rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of the best have been thrilling crowds across the globe for over a decade and on 3rd December the group will hit Nottingham as part of Rock City’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations. Nottingham LIVE spoke to the bands lead singer Peter Hayes.

LIVE: Hello Peter how’s it going?
Its all good thanks

LIVE: Could you tell our readers a bit about who is in the band?
My name is Peter, I play, guitar, bass, synthesize, and I sing, Leah (Shapiro)  plays the drums  & Rob (Levon Breen) plays  bass, guitar, piano and does vocals.

LIVE: Can you give us a bit of background on the band?
Me & Rob started playing in high school & kept playing San Fran, we met Nick (Jago) in San Fran in, Nick left in 2005, then came back but left again in 2007. Leah then joined the band and has been with us for 3 year.

LIVE: What can your fans expect from the tour?
Erm god, expect not to see Rammstein style gig or anything like that they are here to see us, and that’s what they are gonna get.

LIVE: Will you get any time to take in the sights of Nottingham while your here?
Not sure if we have got a day off, not sure if we cancelled Rock City, I think it’s a make up gig. We have been to Nottingham a few times and had a look around so I guess we will get to wonder around a bit again.

LIVE: Can you tell us something about your latest album “Beat of the Devils tattoo”?

We don’t sit down & listen like a bunch of other bands, that comes later when it comes to mixing. As far as writing it took 4-6 months to write & rehearse, then 4 days to cut & edit the tracks and then another 4 months to cut the music & vocals

LIVE: How would you describe the relationship between you guys?
Erm family, when we started up we were all like friends & family

LIVE: Where is the most memorable place you guys performed?
Erm, Slovania, well we were supposed to be doing a gig with Lenny Kravitz but he cancelled so we got the promoter  to sort a venue out for us, we had the people turn up, they were coming from a different angle with the questions which was refreshing from them because they weren’t used to western music

LIVE: What’s your most memorable moment as a band so far?
Its all memorable!

LIVE: So whats next for the Black Rebel Motorcycle club?
Well we are gonna be done touring Dec 18th then we’re gonna go back home to the States, rehearse & write another album, and spend some time with family.

Interview by Geri Richardson

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play Rock City on December 3rd for tickets visit