Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Key Club January 24th 2008 video

just found that over 5GB set on my DVDs ( unfortunately DVD were damaged and track 11,12,13 are missing but you can get them from here - Chris Jones YouTube  ) and wanted to try new Kim Dotcom service that apparently have great down and up speeds so here it is
MPEG 1/2 video ( mpgv )
640x480 30fps

MPEG audio layer 1/2/3
mono 64 kb/s

1.Grind My Bones 

2.Complicated Situation 

3.Shuffle Your Feet 

4.Love Burns 


6.Weapon Of Choice 


8.All You Do Is Talk 

9.666 Conducer 

10.Six Barrel Shotgun 


14.Sympathetic Noose 

15.Visions Of Johanna (Dylan cover) 

16a.As Sure As The Sun 

16b.As Sure As The Sun 

17.Took Out A Loan 

18.Killing The Light 

19.Spread Your Love 

20.Whatever Happened To My Rock n Roll (Punk Song) 

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  1. Sweet! Those are my videos. I lost them all when my old hard drive died, and it will be great to have them again. Thanks!