Thursday, February 28, 2013

"The Skinny" new called review

what's with this journalists... 0_o

Album review by Chris McCall.
 Published 28 February 2013
BRMC built their name on sharp blues-rock stompers that were big on hooks and less keen on legible vocals. But as great as Whatever Happened To My Rock N’ Roll? might sound at 2am, remind yourself it was released more than a decade ago. Since then, the San Franciscans have dabbled in stripped back blues and instrumental albums with diminishing levels of success.

Yet they still retain a sizable following, and fans will likely find something to enjoy on Specter At The Feast; the brooding mid-tempo stomp of Fire Walker hints at a still-burning passion, although the dripping gospel sludge of Returning leaves a bad taste. But chief among any criticism is that, at just shy of an hour, Specter... is simply too meandering to command the listener's focus, leaving a dense collection of slow-jams that might have benefitted from a little brevity. [Chris McCall]

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  1. "...simply too meandering to command the listener's focus"? I think that comment - and indeed, the whole review - says rather more about the tastes and attention span of this so-called "journalist" than it does about the album itself. I hope the band read this poor excuse for a "review" and laugh.