Tuesday, March 12, 2013

even "Elle" came up with the review !

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Stays True to Its Diverse Sound with 'Specter at the Feast'

by Dan Hyman

Photo: James Minchin

In the 12 years since their 2001 debut, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has released five dynamic albums. But having battled the sudden loss of Michael Been, the group's sound engineer and frontman Robert Been's father, in 2010, the group’s forthcoming seventh album, Specter At The Feast, has taken on extra significance. "Having the album complete is so great," says drummer Leah Shapiro.

One of their most vibrant releases to date, Specter At The Feast, due out on March 19, is highlighted by the hard-charging military stomper "Rival," which you can now stream exclusively on ELLE.com. As Shapiro recalls, the song came together rather organically. "We were in the rehearsal studio in L.A.," she remembered of its recording. "And we were stuck working on arrangements for some other song. And out of the blue [guitarist] Peter [Hayes] started playing the riff for ["Rival"]. It was pretty much written off the bat there. It came out of the blue."

That's not to say Specter is any less diverse than any of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's previous releases. "We could write an album with just the rockers," Shapiro said. "But I don't think that would be very true to who we are."